MISSION BLAZE   New For 2014


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  • IBO Rate Up to 340 FPS
  •  Physical Weight 4.18 lbs.
  •  Draw Weight 50-70 lbs
  •  Draw Length 26-30"
  •  Let-off up to 80%
  •  Axle to Axle 33"
  •  Brace Height 6.125"
  •  Riser Extruded Suppressors String Grub,
  •  String Stop,
  •  Harmonic Stabilizer Grip Walnut
  • Bowstrings Zebra Hybrid Cam(s) AVS Cable Guard Carbon Rod  Finish (Riser/Limbs) Lost AT Camo
  •  Silencers String Grub,
  • String Stop,
  •  Harmonic Stabilizer String Length 63 1/8"
  •  Cable Length 30 3/8" x 2




If youíre looking for that sweet spot between performance and price, look no further than the 2014 Mission Blaze. At the heart of this bow is the perimeter-weighted AVS cam system, which products powerful speed (up to 340 fps) with an incredibly smooth draw and 80% let-off. The Blaze also come standard with noise and vibration reducing technology such as the Harmonic Stabilizer, String Grubb, and String Stop. Itís accented with an ergonomic walnut grip, equipped with Zebra Hybrid bowstrings and finished with the highly versatile Lost Camo AT pattern. When searching for the best bow value on the market this year, be sure to visit your local Mission Retailer and shoot the 2014 Blaze. - See more at: http://missionarchery.com/product/blaze/#sthash.2PhcmBw8.dpuf

For more information or to order call: 330 222-2425