Bow Only  $299.95


 $349.95 Outfitter with Whisker Biscuit or Hostage Rest

$599.95 Outfitter with Hostage Style Rest OR Whisker Biscuit

Also available in pink

$799.95 Inferno FireStorm Package



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Looking for the perfect bow that's small on price but big on features? The SideKick Extreme is our number one youth and ladies bow.

Built from the same platform as the already wildly popular 2009 SideKick, the SideKick Extreme is punched up with more features and styling for this season.

Don't let the size of the SideKick fool you, it can spit arrows down range at up to 270 FPS when it is maxed out for optimum performance at five grains per pound.

The "Grow With Parker" program ensures this bow will fit the youngest archer for years to come! (Upgrades only available within the draw length and draw weight ranges for each bow).

The machined aluminum Riser has 12 vented holes to reduce the mass weight, String Suppressor to dampen any residual vibration or noise and the integrated braided wrist sling for added security.

Available in Right or Left Hand.

Extreme parallel limb design like its bigger, adult framed bows, but has the convenience of offering a full ten inches of draw length adjustment without the aid of a bow press. Only an Allen Key is required to change draw lengths from 18 to 28 inches with half inch increments in between.
Camo Pattern
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The SideKick Extreme now features Parker's walnut finished two piece grip.
Draw Lengths
18" - 28" (with 1/2" post)
Draw Weights
Expanded 20 pound weight range. 20-40, 40-60 lbs.

(NOTE: Expanded weight range not compatible with earlier models of the SideKick.)
Let Off
Bow Length
31" axle to axle
Mass Weight
3 1/4 pounds
Brace Height
7 5/8"
51" (untwisted - add 20 twists)
Buss Cable
32 3/4" (untwisted - add 10 twists)
Arrow Speeds
up to 270 FPS when it is maxed out for optimum performance at 5 grains per pound.
$299.95 Bow Only

$349.95 Outfitter with Hostage Rest or Whisker Biscuit
Outfitter Package Accessories
* Hostage Style Rest OR
* Whisker Biscuit
* 3 Pin Sight
* Peep Sight
* Parker 4 Arrow Quick Detach Quiver

$1,489.90 Perfect Storm Package
For more price information or to order call: 330 222-2425