Bow Only  $399.95


$599.95 Outfitter with hostage style rest or whisker biscuit

$599.95 Outfitter with Hostage Style Rest OR Whisker Biscuit

$799.95 Inferno FireStorm Package



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The Velocity is redefining the modern compound bow in performance and speed with features only found on bows costing hundreds more.

The Velocity features Parker’s all new and proprietary Advanced Split Limb Technology with integrated Fulcrum Pocket System making it Extremely Parallel and Devastatingly fast at 315 Feet Per Second (FPS). At a mere 4.15 lbs, the Velocity is lightweight, forgiving, and incredibly smooth. The single cam design provides 80% let-off with draw adjustability from 26”- 31” and a tunable Draw Stop for a Precision Back Wall. Draw Weight adjustment is an incredible 50-70 lbs without a bow press, making the Velocity extremely customizable for any bow hunter looking for a bow they can shoot for years to come. With a Roller Cable Guard, Integrated Sling, and tunable String Suppressor, the Velocity has all the high end features without the high end price.

The Velocity is also available in an Outfitter Package that features name brand accessories including 3 Pin Fiber Optic Sights, Whisker Biscuit or Hostage Arrow Rests, an Angled Peep Sight, Nock Point, and a premium 4 Arrow Quick Detach Quiver, all pre-installed and factory tuned – Ready to take to the field. This package saves time and money, so you can focus on what matters most… Hunting.

* Extreme Parallel Limb Design
* 2 Piece Deep Walnut Finish Grip
* Deluxe Tunable String Suppressor
* Integrated Sling
* Velocity High Performance Single Cam (26" - 31")
* Tunable Draw Stop for a Precision Back Wall
* Split Limbs with Fulcrum Pocket System
* Roller Cable Guard
* Premium Stone Mountain String
Machined aluminum riser features Parker's tunable String Suppressor and Deluxe Roller Cable. The ergonomic two piece deep walnut finish grip fits comfortably in the shooters hand.
Extreme Parallel Limb Design with Parker's exclusive Fulcrum Pocket System
Camo Pattern
Premium Camo
Velocity High Performance Cam 26" - 31"
Speed Bearings
Sealed Bearing and Roller Guard
Parker's slim 2 piece grip in beautiful deep walnut wood grain finish.
Draw Lengths
26" - 31"
Draw Weights
50-70 lbs without a bow press!
Let Off
Axle to Axle Width
Mass Weight
4.15 lbs
Brace Height
Premium Stone Mountain String
Two Color Twist
86.375" (pre-twisted)
Bus Cables
31.875" (pre-twisted)
Arrow Speeds
315 FPS
$399.95 Bow Only

$499.95 Outfitter with Hostage Style Rest OR Whisker Biscuit

$1,489.90 Perfect Storm Package
For more price information or to order call: 330 222-2425