Bow Only  $399.95


$499.95 Outfitter with hostage style rest or whisker biscuit

$599.95 Outfitter with Hostage Style Rest OR Whisker Biscuit

$799.95 Inferno FireStorm Package



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Parker’s new WildFire cam is fully adjustable from 26 – 31 inches with an adjustable draw stop on the cam for precision tuning. The WildFire shoots an incredible 310 feet per second with a forgiving brace height of 7 ¾”, making it one of the easiest bows to master. The 80% let off and the comfort of a two piece walnut finished grip is a welcome for all day shooting. The WildFire Extreme has a compact axle to axle dimension of 32” and weighs an ultra light 3.65 pounds. Making it one of the lightest adult frame bows in the industry.

The WildFire Extreme also features and adjustable string suppressor and braided wrist sling. With features normally found on bows costing hundreds more, the WildFire Extreme is the bow of choice for value and performance.

Innovatative riser provides perfect alignment with the riser, arrow rest and sight pins. Allows for quicker, more precise tuning.

The WildFire Extreme includes an Adjustable String Suppressor, Integrated Sling and Adjustable Draw Stop.

Available in Right or Left Hand.
Extreme Parallel Limb Design.
Camo Pattern
Next G-1
WildFire Cam 26" - 31" (mods included)
Parker's 2 piece Walnut Finish Grip
Draw Lengths
26" - 31"
(Bow is shipped set at 29", includes all mods)
Draw Weights
50-60, 60-70 lbs. (order by peak weight)
Let Off
Bow Length
32" axle to axle
Mass Weight
3.65 pounds
Brace Height
7 3/4"
89 3/4" (untwisted - add 40 twists)
Buss Cable
33 1/2" (untwisted - add 20 twists)
Arrow Speeds
310 FPS
$399.95 Bow Only

$499.95 Outfitter with Hostage Style Rest Or Whisker Biscuit

$1,489.90 Perfect Storm Package
For more price information or to order call: 330 222-2425